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Is My Teen Smoking Spice?

By on Dec 19, 2012 in Drug Addiction | 0 comments

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The Problem at Hand

Most people wouldn’t intentionally harm themselves, but anyone who smokes spice is doing just that. Spice is one of the street names for synthetic marijuana, a dangerous man-made drug that’s sold at convenience stores and smoke shops as incense. Despite public awareness campaigns, the use of Spice among teens continues to rise. A survey conducted in 2011 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that one out of every 10 high school senior class members has used or experimented with Spice. The synthetic drug appeals to kids and young adults due to its accessibility, low cost compared to street drugs and the variety of flavors. It’s wise to be concerned if you suspect your teen might be smoking Spice; read more to gain helpful information.

Learn More About Spice Abuse

Prevention is Key

Spice is still considered to be a fairly new drug, and doctors and researchers won’t fully understand the impact it has on users for several years. The known side effects are dangerous and life-threatening and concerns about the long-term effects that will be revealed in the future are tremendous. Prevention is a key component to protecting your teen from the effects of Spice. Talk with him or her about the dangers to promote awareness so your child can make an educated decision if he or she is approached by another teen offering Spice. If you feel your child is already abusing Spice, take the first step toward getting help before the situation progresses

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